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International schools have taken the mind of parent off the traditional education. Parents now prefer to send their children to international schools where they can have a better and quality education. Their children will have a better chance to be admitted into famous higher institutions of the world. The Hang ding college is one of the international schools where parents are sending their children to because of the quality training and education the make available to their students.

Hang ding offers Hong Kong A-level courses to their students. Their teaching curriculum are similar to other quality schools of the world. Improvement in your children education is highly guaranteed in this 香港国际学校. With these A-Level courses in place, students will keep getter better in all areas. Students have just two years for A-level courses while a year is meant for AS-Level in this unique international school.


There are many areas where the students are developed. Students are developed in skills, knowledge and understanding in the following:

  • Logical thinking.
  • Solving different problems with good knowledge and understanding.
  • High-level knowledge in different subjects.
  • How to think independently.
  • Handling of information sources.
  • Evaluation of information sources.
  • Making reasonable explanation with good understanding.
  • Good communication in English language.
  • Making good judgement decisions and suggestions.
  • How to make logical and precise communication.


Students living in Hong Kong can make use of ⾹港 a level 学校 and AS-Level to get a degree in schools in different countries like Canada, United State of America, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany.

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Bashir Dawood Community Connections Empower Education

Bashir Dawood Community Connections Empower Education

It takes a Village to Raise a Child, though cliché the very essence of the old saying holds great importance in the area of education. The power behind the announcement makes it possible for us to recognize that one teacher cannot provide the quantity to pupils. During my experience As an educator, I implemented this notion. I am reminded of the group of people who prepared me as advocate and a teacher and affected my learning. I feel that one surpasses them all, while, there are lots of strategies that teachers may use to ensure the achievement of the pupils the use of resources and community relations.

With tough economic Times impeding the area, upon every market is no exception. For the teachers who work within them and many schools the signs of the times has strengthen its’ already funding availability. Teachers, working from A lack of resources textbooks and supplies can provide learning opportunities that are exceptional. By committing to preparation using community relations and based upon their energy instructors can bring the world.

empower education

Listed below are a few of my favorite tips:

  • Invite Professional bashir dawood to serve as or instructor for the day and guest speakers. You can invite accountant or a banker for math class. It is possible to host a community leader. These individuals have hands on activities they can bring to improve the lessons.
  • Virtual Connections are sources for supplying exposure. Connecting to the outside world has never been more easy. Utilizing the web for projects and integrating podcast, skyping networking networks and technology, webinars always for way of sharing resources.
  • Invite Organizations like zoo and the museum to a class room to provide some amount of exposure to students.
  • Seeking male Mentors is crucial specifically. The existence of mentors participate in character development courses, tutor in mathematics and to read provides teachers with a chance to expose students.
  • If teachers have Access to conference they could video other classrooms, conference agencies and people. For instance: The Houston aquarium can be obtained to offer science classes via video conferencing. This is a wonderful way by partnering with a course from another nation, to incorporate exposure.
  • Photography: As Teachers experiences that our students do not. Using portfolios to improve lessons and taking pictures can be excellent for learners.

Utilizing community Connections builds a sense of support educators, involving the schools, and community members. The caliber of our pupils and the worth of our universities are They operate. Building A bridge between these entities involves communities in the development of Educationally Enriched Youth.

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