Facts for Consideration while Filing a Provisional Patent Application Hong Kong

The provisional application is also an area in the patent office, since it constitutes an undermining of the official patent application and will serve to indicate the invention date and the priority date. Provisional application can never be issued in a US patent, since it will not be assessed by the patent office. But the Patent Office will refuse it if it is not replaced by this patent within 12 months. It will be useless for the inventor. In conclusion, it can be said that if the inventor cannot submit a real patent application within a year, the term of the provisional application expires.

trademark registration hong kongThat is why an inventor who submits a trademark registration hong kong must take into account that he must file an original application less than a year after the public presentation of the invention. The format of the preliminary application is the same as in the original, except that there can be no complaints. All this was mentioned in Article 112 of patent laws. Remember that all descriptions of your invention must be in writing. It should include the production process and the method of its use. The description should be clear, concise and accurate.

According to the law, there are two requirements for filing a provisional patent application hong kong; Inclusion and the best way. People who have already submitted an application know the meaning of these two terms.

And those who are new to this aspect should carefully evaluate these conditions in order to understand their application needs.

  1. Opportunity or assistance: when evaluating an invention, the inventor must provide adequate details so that the reader related to this field can easily create and use the invention.
  1. The best way: the inventor should not hide any advantages or disadvantages associated with the creation, and use the invention. For example, if you know that certain data relates to a design better than that indicated, it is considered that the inventor does not set up the “best mode” of the invention.